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Chocolate pudding with whipped cream is nice, unless it’s made by old ladies and contain gravel. I am however an overly nice boy, so I kept quiet about that small stone I almost broke a tooth on by chewing.

Not being able to tough your ear is equally aggravating. Well, I can touch it, and I’m allowed to touch everywhere save for where the earring’s located (which is upper right ear). Wash it twice a day, morning evening, with soap and water for four weeks. Are hairy chests and large crucifix compulsory for owning Jeweller Shops by the way?

I also wrote a drabble for this weeks challenge at hp100, I have another one that I don’t feel like posting today (as it’s one of the worse pieces of collected words that ever have been written on a computer). I’m posting that tomorrow morning when I’m too tired to mind bad writing.

Today’s recs, only “one” as I’m lazy:
- Lost Feeling by miraminx
Archive with SS/HP and RL/SB stories.

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