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Fic recs of the day:

Harry Potter:

- A Test of Wills, or Flirting for the Social Inept by hrhbunbury (PG)
She was bored. He was reading. Armed only with her wit, Tonks sets on a one woman mission to catch the attention of a sullen werewolf.

- Operation Attraction by rynne (PG)
Watch Sirius try to get Remus to fall in love with him. Features plotting!James, anxious!Sirius, and clueless!Remus.

- Last Words You Said by masked_angel (PG-13)
Remus Lupin walks down a cold street in London, reminiscing about his old school days and a certain man who he is missing very much.

- Adunatio by vixenette (R)
Remus is happily going through his Seventh year at Hogwarts, until he suddenly finds himself 'Melded' to Sirius for a week...literally. Sleeping in the same bed, taking a shower together, trying to do schoolwork...Remus is having a hard time of it, until his feelings slowly change.

Lord of the Rings:

- That He Might Be Free by melyanna (G)
On the eve of his eldest son's birth, Faramir realizes exactly what it was his brother died for, and comes to terms with it at last.

Star Wars/Jedi Apprentice:

- A Padawan's Guide to Health, Fitness and Living with your Master by Wombat (PG-13)
What it says in the title.


- Many Happy Returns by jordannamorgan (G)
Rogue plots a surprise for a friend—so why does Jubilee have misgivings?

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